Register a domain

As a JISC registrar we can provide registration services and advice to central and local government departments and agencies to register a domain.


Registering a domain is a simple process, although there are tight controls on who can register such a domain for rather obvious reasons as well as restrictions on the format of the name. Registering a domain costs £120 every two years including VAT.

We suggest you read through the below information and then give us a call to discuss on 03300 882130 before placing an order online.

You can read the full government guidance on domains at


Registration of domains is strictly controlled; only UK government and devolved administrations departments and agencies, government agencies, and executive and advisory non-departmental bodies (NDPBs) can register a domain name.

In practice this means if you are a central or devolved government department, or a local government such as county, city, or parish council then you are eligible to register a domain name. Companies, charities, individuals, arm's length organisations that are not staffed by public servants, partnerships, or British Overseas Territories are not eligible.

Naming convention & principles

When registering a domain you should use an appropriate name for the domain that does not cause confusion or mislead about the nature or scope of the website on that domain. Domains also can only consist of standard alphabet characters and cannot contain hyphens and generally should avoid acronyms unless the acronym is commonly known to the public or unavoidable, for example or

Welsh and Gaelic language

For government departments, agencies, and councils in Scotland or Wales that provide a service to the public in Wales or Scotland then it is generally advisable to register the Gaelic or Welsh language equivalent of the domain where the spelling is different to the English language version, for example and

Transfer domain

If you currently own a domain and would like to transfer that domain so that future renewals are handled by Freethought then transfer is possible, get in touch with us on 03300 882130 to discuss.