A domain name is the face of your website, the address everyone types to find you. There are hundreds of possibilities, so use your imagination and find yourself your perfect domain.

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Domain 1 Year
Register / Renew
2+ Years
Register / Renew
.com £13.20/Yr £9.40/Yr £13.20
.net £14.80/Yr £10.60/Yr £14.80
.org £16.00/Yr £11.40/Yr £16.00
.uk £7.60/Yr £5.40/Yr FREE £7.60/Yr £5.40/Yr FREE £7.60/Yr £5.40/Yr FREE £7.60/Yr £5.40/Yr FREE £7.60/Yr £5.40/Yr FREE £7.60/Yr £5.40/Yr FREE £7.60/Yr £5.40/Yr FREE
.eu £7.70/Yr £7.70/Yr £7.70
.me £37.30/Yr £26.60/Yr £37.30
.info £14.90/Yr £10.60/Yr £14.90
.biz £14.90/Yr £10.70/Yr £14.90
.tv £58.70/Yr £41.90/Yr £58.70
.mobi £25.80/Yr £18.40/Yr £25.80
.name £13.70/Yr £9.80/Yr £13.70
.asia £19.40/Yr £13.90/Yr £19.40
.us £11.60/Yr £8.30/Yr £11.60
.ca £20.20/Yr £14.40/Yr £20.20
.cc £30.00/Yr £21.40/Yr £30.00
.cn £11.70/Yr £8.30/Yr £11.70
.de £10.90/Yr £7.80/Yr £10.90
.co £39.60/Yr £28.30/Yr £39.60
.network £24.70/Yr £17.70/Yr £24.70 £29.50/Yr £21.10/Yr £29.50 £29.50/Yr £21.10/Yr £29.50
.training £37.10/Yr £26.50/Yr £37.10
.photography £24.70/Yr £17.70/Yr £24.70
.es £12.50/Yr £8.90/Yr FREE £54.30/Yr £38.80/Yr £54.30 £64.20/Yr £45.90/Yr £64.20
.domains £37.10/Yr £26.50/Yr £37.10
.website £31.00/Yr £22.10/Yr £31.00
.cloud £23.30/Yr £16.60/Yr £23.30
.ninja £9.20/Yr £6.60/Yr £9.20
.tech £75.10/Yr £53.70/Yr £75.10
.london £54.90/Yr £39.30/Yr £54.90
.group £34.30/Yr £24.50/Yr £34.30
.life £50.40/Yr £36.00/Yr £50.40
.pro £23.50/Yr £16.80/Yr £23.50
.xyz £22.50/Yr £15.90/Yr £22.50
.services £43.90/Yr £31.30/Yr £43.90
.direct £43.90/Yr £31.30/Yr £43.90
.community £43.90/Yr £31.30/Yr £43.90
.support £24.70/Yr £17.70/Yr £24.70
.desi £27.40/Yr £19.60/Yr £27.40
.club £22.50/Yr £15.70/Yr £22.50

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Transferring a domain to Freethought is quick and easy. There is no cost for transferring your domain but often you need to renew the domain at the time of transfer which there is a cost for.


Once your domain is registered with or transferred to Freethought we will automatically renew the domain for you each year for up to 10 years at a time.


If you're not an EU citizen then information such as your address and name will be published in the WHOIS database. For £10/year you can have this information protected.