We believe in doing the right thing.

It seems to us that there are a lot of businesses out there that are less than reputable, companies that like to hide behind small print, invest in conflict materials, or fund organisations of a less than reputable nature in pursuit of profit. We don't go in for that sort of thing, in fact we are stating for the record that we will place ethics at the heart of every business decision we make.

There are so many different ways that we can put ethics at the heart of what we do, some more obvious than others. Here are just a few ways.

We hate asterisks!

No one likes an asterisk, an asterisk stands for disappointment. An asterisk means that the great offer you thought you were going to get only applies to new customers, or the "unlimited" isn't really unlimited. An asterisk is just a trick, a way to make someone buy your product, only to pull the rug out from under them.

An asterisk may not seem like an ethics issue, but we think it is, we think it's unethical to trick your customers only to disappoint them, not to mention just plain mean. You won't find a single asterisk on our website. We do have terms and conditions, every business does, but there isn't anything in there to trick you or deprive you of something you would reasonably believe you're entitled to.

Asterisks are a little sneaky really, and we don't like sneaky, we are most definitely anti-sneaky.

We're careful with our money.

We're not talking about maximising profits, we're talking about being careful where our money ends up, or more importantly, who it ends up with.

We buy products and services from lots of companies, and we have business and have financial relationships with lots of other companies. With all these relationships we take every step to make sure that the money we spend doesn't end up in nefarious hands. We don't want to inadvertently fund an organisation that invests in conflict minerals, or child labour, or anything in any way unethical.


Charities do amazing things in our communities, they care for children, and those who are unwell, or less fortunate. There are many people who owe their lives to charities. Whenever possible we like to help these charities, by providing services, or through good old fashioned financial donations. We love to help however we can.