Bespoke server solutions

Bespoke server solutions


Sometimes a single virtual server, or a dedicated server just isn't quite right. Maybe you need a series of servers set up for redundancy or load balancing.

Get in touch, we'll happily craft you a solution that provides exactly what you need. We can provide the hardware, the software, management, and offer plenty of advice along the way.

Server solutions designed for you

We can provide solutions for all sorts of applications, why not get in touch?

Quality hardware

We only use the highest quality hardware suppliers, such as SuperMicro, Dell, and IBM, to build our bespoke servers so you know that the hardware is going to keep on running no matter what with minimal hardware failures.


Our bespoke server solutions don't have to be just a single server, we'll help you source and configure an entirely solution for your application such as load balancing, clustered file systems, or replicated database servers. Whatever you need.

Premium network

Once we've built your server solution we'll connect it to our premium highly redundant network in one of our UK data centres with 1Gbps and beyond uplinks to the internet.


We're so confident in the quality of the hardware solution we'll provide, and the network we'll connect it to, that as with all our products you'll enjoy a 99.99% SLA as standard.


If you're interested in finding out more about what we can do for you, give us a call on 03300 882130 or drop us an email to