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Getting to know our customers is the best bit about what we do, so it's only fair you get to know us! Read all about us and if you want to know more why don't you give us a call?


Established 2003

Freethought Internet has been serving customers websites for well over a decade now. Originally founded by our current director Kieran (aged just 16) in 2003 as Xion Internet, in 2006 we merged with the company ran by Edward and Matthew. We started with just a single server, as of today we have racks and racks of servers hosting thousands of businesses across two data centres, and are present at two more data centres where we connect to three peering LANs and three Tier 1 transit providers. We really have come a long way!

The fact we've been around so long gives us a wealth of knowledge and experience, we're not some fly by night hosting company here today and gone tomorrow; a decade of experience means we know precisely what we're doing and have a very clear idea of where we're going, and how to get there. We're a hosting company you can definitely rely on.


Early Freethought servers circa 2008.

Our network

Our redundant multi-homed network spans the UK from London to Manchester.

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Passionate about quality service

If there is just a single thing you need to know about us more than anything, it's how much we care about customer experience. For us nothing is more important than our customers being happy and not having any problems. We sometimes go to ridiculous lengths to help our customers out when they're stuck, sometimes with issues that aren't even anything to do with the service we provide them!

At Freethought we believe that you should never dread calling support like you might with some companies, you won't go through to a foriegn call centre, you won't have to go through impossibly complicated security questions or dizzyingly complicated phone menus. It's very simple, pick up the phone and call our local rate number or send us an email and someone really friendly (located in the UK) who knows what they're doing will then help you out as best they can in language that you understand and solve your problem. Simple!

Don't just take our word for it though, check out the latest reviews to the right and you'll see how almost every one of them compliments us on the service and support we provide!

Our data centres

We are present in four industry leading data centres in the UK including one of the most connected data centres on Earth; Telehouse North, London.

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Ethical business

When running a business it's sometimes very easy (and sadly very common) to get distracted by profit and loose sight of some of the more important things like honesty and integrity. Whenever we make decisions we think about whether that is an ethical decision, we don't want to buy equipment that contains conflict minerals, nor do we want to support a company that pays it's employees a pittance. For us ethical business is just common sense.

Doing business ethically also means that we don't like to trick our customers, that's why you won't see a single asterisk on our website. An asterisk indicates hidden disappointment, it means that the really good deal actually isn't as good because of some hidden clause. This sometimes means that we loose business because we don't offer "unlimited" resources on a product when in actual fact the "unlimited" competitor we're up against isn't really unlimited anyway as they're hiding behind a disappointing asterisk. We would rather be honest and upfront at the cost of a few customers, than lie to get an easy sale. We always say that we are "anti-sneaky" - we hope you agree.

The final piece of the ethical business puzzle is to actively support those who do good, as a company we actively support charities by donating services or money to them to further their goals.



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We only have one planet, if we ruin this one then humanity doesn't get another chance, so it really makes sense to look after it. It's tricky in our industry to be really environmental, the very nature of data centres means vast amounts of electricity which in turns means a fairly hefty carbon footprint. That said our primary data centres are both carbon neutral and maintain ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental management.

We are doing all we can to minimise our environmental impact. Currently Freethought is not 100% carbon neutral, we have looked at possibilities such as carbon offsetting but the research seems to suggest to us that just planting trees may not be an effective or even helpful way of offsetting our environmental impact. Carbon offsetting asside though we always try to utilise video conferencing and remote hands to avoid having to travel unnecessarily. We also don't produce any paper whatsoever (apart from the odd scribble on paper at our desks) preferring instead to email all our invoices etc. We also use servers with low energy CPUs and hardware whenever possible and appropriate, and virtualise as much as we can to get better use of hardware and avoid wasting capacity. All in all we are taking every step we can to minimise the negative impact we have on our delicate environment.